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14/Dec/2004A Short Paper Submitted for IBM Linux Challenge
25/Nov/2004Voidex Website Launched

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X Server Font Capturing

One of the main aspect of voideX is X programming. Currently we are using X Module, modified from escher's sourcecode. We are stuck with how to capture text from a window. This should be possible by interfering with the XFontResources. If you have any ideas please mail me at »»harsh@cse.iitb.ac.in

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is a major component of voideX, but not our focus. Commercial products have achieved accuracy as high as 95%. Despite IBM's commitment to Open Source Speech Development (Checkout), ViaVoice was withdrawn from Linux Community. Our current focus is on Sphinx . It would be great if some sphinx expert helps us.

About voideX

afraid of touching keyboard use voideX

What will you do to play next song in XMMS ? Search for XMMS window, move your hand over mouse, search for next button in XMMS Main Window, take the mouse pointer over next button and then, left click. Not in voideX, here you just say
play next song.

voideX is a dialog system, to control linux X applications having instructions in natural language with unrestricted grammar and unlimited application domains. Without changing the source-code of individual existing common desktop applications voideX has features to make them all voice enabled. more...